Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Can't Be Afraid to Let Love Come Into Your Life #NoRegrets

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have so much I could write about me moving to Colorado and running around like a gypsy with her wagon cut off. I haven't stayed home a full day since I got here... But I have more important things to say! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

I wanna write about something I've been thinking about and what, inevitably, you all read this blog for-- relationship shit.

Or hmmmm, not relationship- not any former relationshits... how about love?

So let me update you on my love life...

From about June- August I had been in this weird purgatory transition place of my life where I was in-between past, present and future.

I was prepping to leave Philly but... I was still living there. And because I was leaving I was actively looking to not get involved with anyone. To be honest with you this was harder than I had anticipated. Not necessarily with love interests but just getting to know people was hard. I was conflicted with do I spend time with someone I just met or do I cling and cherish the time I have with the people I love? I opted to do a bit of both and I'm glad I did. It's important to stay in the moment. If I meet and vibe with someone I am not going to cut off the moment because of what is 'suppose to happen in the future'. I am a big believer in never having nevers. You don't know what tomorrow is going to hand you. I met one of my now best friends in the past couple of months I was in Philly and had I not been open to life I wouldn't have.

Back at the start of the new year I made a resolution to fucking enjoy being single and capitalize on the freedom that comes along with it. While exploring my independence I, uh... decided to move to Colorado!
No regrets.

I am happy moving the way life is guiding me. I feel that it is me and my higher power making these choices and I am lucky enough to have good friends and family that support me.
But so what I am saying is I essentially moved to Colorado to be young and single. Then I was in Philly trying to appreciate being single before that. And well now I have been proactively single for so long I am well... I am fucking lonely.

But it's not like I am just craving physical attention. It's like I just want love.
And it's like I am getting to do all these cool fun awesome things and I almost feel selfish about it. Like I am the only one getting to enjoy this life. I don't want to be married, but it would be really nice to have someone to share things with.
I am really good at being independent. It is a skill I will never lose and of course continue to develop, I really think there isn't anything I can't do alone but sometimes I just don't want to do certain things alone.

I haven't had real feelings/ been big time involved with someone for like three years now... Even saying that a huge sigh escapes from my body. But for the past three years I have been working my ass of. I have been building a beautiful life for myself and getting happier and happier with who I am and more comfortable with who I want to be.
No regrets.

I have, of course, through these past three years learned a lot about myself and about what I want. I have realized that, yes, yes, yes, you need to love yourself. But I have also found that you need to truly and deeply believe that there is love out there for you to receive. More than you are worthy, but that you can achieve. I guess this goes along with the laws of attraction...
But the major thing I have learned about myself is that it is one thing for me to say something and it is another for me to achieve. I am not a surface level person I feel deeply and that feeling that a person exists for me is hard for me to nail down. I guess as they say, fake it until you make it!
Literally my least favorite saying in AA.... And I quote a lot of sayings... Just ask Samantha Morgan... <3 nbsp="" p="">

But I have become more comfortable with myself and being true to who I am. I think there was a time when I hid behind sexuality and society. When I was 16 I still hadn't kissed anyone and a group of my friends forced me to make out with some random guy my age at a dance. It was horrible and disgusting. MAYBE THAT IS WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG. I also lost my virginity in a black out. All of my sexual experiences were things I thought I had to be doing. Not expressions of love in anyway. I always felt there was something I had to live up to. Finally, two years after being sober I took my choices back.
Openly saying what I am looking for right now is connection and some form of love is not scary to me. It's funny because I still feel like I get weird looks sometimes saying that and it clear it makes some people uncomfortable. It's just what I want. And what I now know I deserve.

For so many of the past months I had been actively looking to not get in a relationship and now that I'm in my new space and getting the lay of the land I feel I am just looking at every male I meet like, "maybe your my soulmate?!? "
It's like one extreme to the next... AYE.

A good way of summing up everything I am saying is in raps how some artists are like, "Ya I fucked that bitch made the pussy purple." And then you have rappers Usher and NeYo who are like, "Let me love you."

You can't let society tell you what you want and you can't be afraid to let love come into your life. 

There was this guy I had a thing with while I was out getting high yeeeeears back. I had feelings for him like I never had in my life but it was a doomed relationship. Because I was a kid, I was afraid to be in my head and my body. It's so hard for me to look back at relationships because I felt so deeply but I am sure no one ever knew that I was involved with because I had such a hard time speaking for myself.
The blog I wrote a couple of years ago about a break up I had was some of the most honest writing I have ever done in my life and you know what? It helped me to move forward in that direction. Over the past, I'd say two years, I have had some weird and short lived relationships but I have been able to be very clear about that none of it was what I ultimately wanted. 

I am still so happy to be carefree and single! And I am so excited about the future I have ahead of me even in the next few weeks. But I am not afraid to say I am looking for love. Whether it's a night of romance or my soul mate love is the goal. 
No regrets. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

My Biggest Breakup Yet. (and my longest Hiatus)

You can certainly loose a lot of readers on a blog by not writing for two months...

Hopefully I can redeem myself in the next few weeks by explaining myself. In the words of DJ Khaled, "I'm up to something."

Well, here I am.
Laying in my bed on my computer listening to the spring awakening soundtrack at 2am on a Wednesday. I wish I could capture this freedom and blissfulness of right now and store it in a jar for the anxiety and stress that inevitably will engulf me in the next couple of months... Treasure the good days yabbers because they are far and few and you are lucky to have any at all.

I keep saying oh I have no time to write. I'm so busy..." but the reality of the situation is I literally stay up until about 4am every night fucking around. Like I get done my day by 11pm the latest. So that's like at least 5hrs of fuckery. Instead of just wasting the next two hours on snapchat uploading videos of me as a bee or small woodlen creature in a high pitch voice, I will try to catch you up...

But like it's hard to write when it's forced. Usually it just flows because I have something going on but right now I just have time I'm trying to fill.

Ok here's what the fuck is happening with me: I'm going through a huge break up.

 It’s not like most of my break ups where it ends all messy and impulsive where I basically just say, “fuck you I hate you.” It’s much more drawn out and slow. And the other unique thing is, I’m like really in love. It came on unexpected. I didn’t realize it had happen until I decided to leave. I fell really hard. I don’t think I realized it but I was in love for a while. Like most things, I am hoping that if I truly am in love I will be able to come back. You know, “if you love something set it free and see if it returns.”

I am in love with Philadelphia. With northern liberties, fishtown, old city, society hill, washington square, south philly, grad ho, south street, center city… you can keep west philly, but everything else I am not happy about leaving. I don’t want to not have 24/7 access to good cheesesteaks. Do other cities have pizza slices the size of my head? Because I know where to get that at multiple places. My thrift shops, my crystal shops, book shops, brunch spots. Bike lanes, best friends and work friends. I know what bars to go to when, what meetings to bike to every single day. I know how to bike to any part of the city and I know how long it will take. Philly I know sometimes when I'm walking I get a random poop/sewage smell from you but it just makes you feel more alive, like those are just your farts. Everybody farts and we still love them. I will miss the weirdness of Philly because it's different then other "weird cities". Portland, OR is weird like purple hair and pretentious hipsters... Ya, ya, we have that too. Philly is weird like- there is this man, who I can't figure out if he's homeless or not, and he has two little yorkies he walks around with constantly. AND he always is wearing this jean jacket that has the two dogs on it. It's like a magical jean jacket, my words won't do it justice. But I constantly run into this man. I haven't run into my ex a quarter of the times I have ran into this strange homeless? Not homeless? Dog dude. 

I’m really scared I will leave and not want to come back. 

I'm leaving to move to Colorado in less than two weeks. Part of me feels like I can't believe it's so soon and part of me feels like everyone is constantly talking about me moving so I might as well just have done it already. Someone at a meeting the other day said to me, "Gab are you actually moving to Colorado?" Like fuck you, yes. I just talk about my feelings a lot and I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS and I'm going through a break up.

I don't have to do this. I can be like Kelly Anne in Roadies and not get in the taxi to the airport. But I have to do this, if nothing else than for myself. I have to prove to myself that I have seen the world before coming home. I will end up married at 30 to some guy I don't love stuck in a city I will then hate, if I never leave Philly. I will end up bitter and resentful. So I will risk the short term heartache versus the longterm endless suffering.

I saw a psychic the other day and she told me basically that I should definitely do this Colorado thing but I was going to experience a lot of feelings I hadn't in a long time like loneliness and homesickness. 
So... It's now Sunday, the day before I leave.
I guess this post is going to be a saga more than a blurb.

This was the most insane weekend of my life.
Like I have had weekends that have been a lot but this has definitely been on for the books. I experienced every emotion out there. I kissed this city, Philadelphia, good bye- fat on the lips. I had a weekend of love, passion, sadness, pain, happiness, coming and going.

There were like a lot, a lot of tears and it was the definition of bitter sweet. Some things, as much as I wish you could, you just can't capture on paper. Some moments just live in space and time. You don't always get a souvenir but you are left with life changing experiences and memories. Some moments are just... moments.

There is one thing I do have to explain because in retrospect it was incredible. So last night I had a bunch of friends meet me out to dance. I didn't want to do dinner or brunch, I just wanted to dance the night away with the people I love. Today, July 31st, is Samantha Devers birthday, and one year ago she passed away. Well last night after midnight, I found myself surrounded by all these people I rarely see. All of them had know or met Sam at least once and it was weird because they aren't all connected. So to explain, I know Sam from summer camp... like years ago when we were just babies. And all of these people, knew her then too. I don't think anyone else knew that it was her birthday or practically the anniversary of her death but they did all know her. It was so amazing and beautiful to get to be with these people who knew her. It was truly like she was there.

A day doesn't go by I don't think of Sam. I have needed her this year and I know she is with me constantly. I wish I could have known her better and longer and gotten to grow old with her. But she is frozen in time as a beautiful young angel.

I need so much strength to get through this Philadelphia break up and I am so blessed to know my angels are with me. (It is also the anniversary of my Aunt Dana's death which is weird it's the same day....)

Sometimes I just feel like my life isn't real. Like why do I get to live this incredible life? All the snap chats and instagram posts out there can't compete with the life I have and continue to build for myself.

I am grateful for the tears I saw and experienced this weekend because it's amazing to see how much people love me and how deeply I impact people.

A lot of my life I was just floating... I was just existing, not living. When I decided to get sober I thought my life was ending. I distinctively remember thinking that I was done experiencing life and I was just going to be sad and depressed forever. It actually turned out to be the complete and utter opposite. In the past four years my life has turned into something amazingly beautiful. I am so proud of myself. I have experienced more pain then I thought imaginable but through that I have blossomed into an adult. I have experienced every aspect of life more fully than I ever did before. There isn't anything I can't do without a drink and there are now things I can do that I couldn't even do wasted. I am excited and scared for this journey ahead. I know Philly will be here when I want to come back and I know the bonds I have with my friends will last a life time.

Sam did teach me to live my life fully. That the days are short and the years are shorter. I know I have so much to give and so much to live for.

I love you all so much and no matter where I go I will take you with me. I love you all so much. I quoted this early to Samantha, because I love her so much, but it really works with all my seamless friendships-
"Life is tough, friendship should be easy." -Teresa Giudice 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Taking Life Slow

I'm a balls to the walls kinda girl. I don't like to tip toe into the pool. I cannon ball in, literally and figureatively. I feel very uncomfortable wading into things.

I think my make up is just to go all in or not at all. What's the point of getting wet if I'm not gonna get soaked? Why have one drink when I can get plastered in 15 minutes ? Why hangout with someone a couple of times when we both know we just want to have sex?

Ok, let's talk about that last one-

I had dinner with my mom last night and at one point she was just like, " I wish [relationships] weren't so complicated for you." Sigh.

Thanks, me too.

It 100% is because I over analyzed life. I mean, let's be real what aspect of my life, that should be simple have I not complicated? I can't eat food or drink correctly, so when it comes to other people obviously I screw that up a lot...

Now, I'm analyzing the idea of "taking it slow". . .
Even as I write that sentence I'm like, "Du Fuq?"

I just want someone to explain it to me. I don't get it.

My therapist tried to explain it like this-
"Think about a faucet, you want the water running- you don't want it totally shut off- but you don't want it flooding. So you want like a gentle stream."
Metaphors are helpful to me so this makes some sense.

Flooding and turning the faucet off I have done.
A couple of years ago the sink was closed for business. I had a big DO NOT ENTER SIGN and the gates were closed. Let me tell you, no one was getting in. And for good reason, I had my own personal shit to deal with.
But then the gates opened again, and it was just zero to 100 real quick....
*hand palm


And now I have PTSD from last year's string of literal nut jobs... 2015 was by far my worst year men. Or best year with finding the wrong men... Actually that's a total lie. 2008-2012 was just as bad.
I just have the world's track record. Or best track record for picking horrible men. 

" I wish [relationships] weren't so complicated for you." Sigh.

So now, I don't know, I'm trying to be more conscious. The first step in correcting any behavior is being self-aware. So recognizing where I have fucked up is the first step...I guess. 

I haven't really asked for comments or anything in a long time. Usually I come to a resolution myself through writing about things that baffle me, with this not so much.
If anyone has any way to truly make sense of the topic taking it slow- really in any aspect of life- comment somewhere and let me know. I would love to hear other people's opinions on this topic. Let me hear what you think about this...

BUT... I just had this revelation, 
I am so uncomfortable right now in life because I am trying to do this [take it slow] with every aspect of my life. 

I am really happy for the first time in a long time because I am slowing the gears down. 
The past year my life has been a traumatic roller coaster ride with extremely low lows. And then quick fleeting highs. I haven't fully sustained myself in a while. It's been constant damage control, all the time. I have worked extra hard during the week, 12 hour days, only to go out with my friends dancing until 3-5am on the weekends. I have gone into fight or flight mode- choosing fight, but it's been hard to get out of that routine.
Slowing things down- like everything- might be my solution to my constant search of balance.
Balance isn't something you just instantly achieve. It doesn't just randomly show up, like most things in life. It takes work, effort and maintenance. 

And I always know when I am uncomfortable, I am growing. 

It's never really dawned on me until just now though, that balance takes effort. I thought balance would just come to me... but that is not the case. 
I am taking life slowly. One thing at a time. Life is no longer flight or fight and I don't have to just coast. I can put in effort in everything I do. 

As much as I agree that, ""Life is an endless series of train-wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness." I think there is a possiblity to find peace in the moments of happiness. And by creating moderation for yourself you get longer commercial breaks 

And let me tell you it's painful sometimes. Being uncomfortable is so uncomfortable. I want to crawl out of my skin. 
I want to send that text, I want to spend all of my money  right away, I want to fill every ounce of my time with doing things,  I want to travel and I don't want to leave. 


But that's not the pace we are going at.
Don't pigeon hole yourself, is my biggest take away. Take a step back, realize the bigger picture and retract your impulses. 
Hey, Yab? It sounds like your growing onwards and upwards. 
  click it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm Moving. Literally.

Right now is one of those times that the only way I can make sense of my life is by sitting down and writing about it. 

Recently a lot of the times my life hasn't made sense is because of things that have happened at me. My friend dying, my dogs dying, life just happens sometimes. Usually it's a series of mishaps. This situation is different. I have entirely created this situation for myself. 

And for the first time in a long time, it's not a bad decision I have made. Well... maybe I have made a couple of good decision in the past years, but I've also fucked up a number of times. 

So, I'm currently in my second year of AmeriCorps and I had been applying for full-time jobs for when my term of service is up- in July, with no avail. I applied to seriously so many jobs I lost count and I barely heard back from any of them. I finally came across another AmeriCorps position by accident and my initial reaction was, "fuck no. Not again." 

I love helping people but I hate not getting paid lots of money. Such is the struggle with life, right? You're either in a job that's stressful that you hate and you're making a ton of money- but you're always stressed. Or you're in a job you love that gives you purpose and you don't get paid enough- and you're always stressed about the paycheck. It's really tough to find the middle ground. 

But then I started thinking... AmeriCorps helps to pay relocation fees. So they pay to help you move... 

I have always hated Philly. I grew up in the suburbs but I was in the city a lot, my dad lived in Fairmount when I was a kid so I did grow up a lot around the city. Nothing is more fucking annoying to me then when people try to tell me where I'm from. I know Philadelphia and all of the surrounding suburbs like the back of my hand. I went to high school 30mins from my house and I went to an all girls catholic school so by association I know all the other all girls and all boys catholic school kids from the suburbs class of '09. 
I went to summer camp with all the kids from the mainline so I know those schools and I know of all those kids circa 2009. My dad also lived around there so I grew up around there as well. Now half of my friends went to Abington High School so I know a bunch of those kids too. The list goes on... 

I'm a wanderlust even in my own town.
And let me tell you- a lot of people never leave Philly. 

I think I'm an optimist with a negative attitude. I like to think the best of situations but I also have a constant negative outlook on things. Some people would be like NOOO you're so bubbly and happy go lucky!! But my best friends know I'm a fucking Bitch. Capital B. 
So naturally, I've always wanted to get away from here. I had that hometown itch from a young age. I actually use to wish I grew up in Louisiana back roads or something so it made sense for me to want to get away from home, very Sweethome Alabama. 

So I left. 

I went to VT, I made friends and I lost my mind.

Then I came home. 

Coming back to Philly was the antithesis of my being. I wanted nothing to do with this town. I also wanted to die, I was extremely depressed and well... I was getting sober. 

Sometimes on anniversaries people say Happy Birthday because when you choose to get sober you choose a new life, wether it's conscious or not. In making that choice, I began to start to create a new version of Philadelphia. 

Over the past four years I have made the best friends and managed, with some help, to create a life for myself that is beyond anything I ever thought I could. 
But the idea of leaving Philly has always still been in my head because it was planted there a long time ago.

So back to AmeriCorps... 
On a fluke I applied for a VISTA Leadership position in Greeley, CO. Why not? I thought if nothing else it would be informational. I heard back from them the next day and was offered the position about a week later. 

I have always wanted to go to Colorado next. Why? I don't know. I wanted to go to New York originally but not anymore. There's too many people and it makes you an angry person. I want to feel more alive, not more stressed out. All my friends from VT who have moved to CO seem to love their lives. 

So....I accepted the CO position. And now I am moving to Colorado. 
Like what the fuck. 

Now, I've had this revelation. After the shock that I'm moving in settled in, which happened about two weeks later aka 20 minutes ago. I realized... I do not hate Philadelphia. In fact I love it. And it's not because it's where I'm from but it's because I have finally, after 25 years, have made it my home. 

GREAT... great timing to realize this... 

I love my friends that I have made here. I love the kind of people in Philadelphia. I love the food. I fucking love my friends. I love biking around this city, I know where the hills are and the short cuts and how long it will take me to get anywhere. I love the family I babysit for. I love being close to my family. I love knowing everyone here- and that was something I hated.


Oh OH OH and on top of realizing this, a guy- an actual guy I didn't meet on the internet, who seems like a decent-not-a-complete-asshole is actually interested in me right now. This hasn't happened in like two years... probably for reason I have created... 
And like that would be so typical of my life that some tragic love story forms and I leave for Colorado... 
Per usual I'm getting ahead of myself, because like I said he's just interested, but still- it gives me something else to stress about... 
Like what the fuck. 

I'm really scared. Change is hard and scary. 

But I know I need to do this. I know I will become resentful of everyone and everything in Philly if I don't do this for myself now. And if it's horrible I can come home. But I have to follow what I want. 

I wrote this for myself a little while ago,

"Trust yourself and love yourself enough to go somewhere new. You have never in your life lost your true friends. You know who you will lose and who you will gain. You are strong, smart and have the heart of a traveling gypsy and you must go. Don’t get stuck in Philly. Think about how small philly is compared to the universe and think about the small amount of this universe you get to explore."
I wrote that before I even applied for this position. I have to do this. You can't be Lauren, you always go to Paris.

To my friends, I will never leave. I will come back. A year is a small blip of time in our lives. One of my best qualities is that I can stay in touch with people. I love you so much and I look forward to you visiting me and telling you of my travels. 
You are such big parts of my life and I could never really leave you. 


Also I'm not leaving Philly until like late July- August so everyone calm down.